About Us

The Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable and educational organization devoted to perpetuating America's aviation heritage through building, preserving and maintaining a flying 1929 Ford Tri-Motor aircraft.

The Foundation's goal is to raise enough capital in order to restore, maintain and showcase a Ford Tri-Motor aircraft in our dedicated hanger/museum facility and to promote education and an appreciation of our rich history.

We are located at the Liberty Aviation Museum on the grounds of the Erie-Ottawa International Airport in Port Clinton, OH. (PCW)
For more information & museum hours, please call...
419-732-0234 or message us at

Local History
The history of the Ford Tri-Motor and the Lake Erie Islands region are very much intertwined.

Beginning in 1936, Ford Tri-Motors were a common sight in the skies above our region, playing a vital role to the isolated populations on the Lake Erie islands. For the first time, people had a reliable form of all-season transportation for travel to & from the mainland, as well as between the islands themselves.

With their large payloads and short takeoff & landing capabilities, Ford Tri-Motors were ideally suited for their work of hauling passengers & freight in and out of the short island runways. For nearly 50 years, the Tri-Motor was put to good use as an ambulance, school bus, mail plane, hearse, commuter and freight hauler, carrying an almost endless list of cargo on a daily basis.

The importance of this all-metal airplane to the recent history of the Lake Erie Islands area, as well as the development of safe and dependable commercial air transportation cannot be overstated.

In 2008, our group was honored to be awarded an Ohio Historical Marker commemorating the importance of the Ford Tri-Motors to developing our local region.

This marker is currently on display outside the main hangar/office building at the Erie-Ottawa International Airport in Port Clinton, Ohio.